About us

About Us

Our passion is to share the inimitable taste of South Italy with the world. Sourcing our ingredients directly from the southern Italian regions of Puglia, Campania, and Basilicata, we create our dishes using artisanal recipes to bring you the most authentic taste.

Five way to indulge

You can enjoy the unforgettable taste of Ciao at our pizzerias, cafés, family restaurants, and gelaterie islandwide. Our pizzerias and gelaterie serve mainly Italian classics and pastries such as pizza margherita, cannoli, and caprese; while our cafes and family restaurants offer a wider selection that include pasta, meat, and seafood dishes paired with Italian wines.

Our Team

Led by our executive chef, the Ciao team is equipped with the professional skills and knowledge to bring you the authentic Italian dining experience you’ve come to expect from us. Through our cuisine and service, we hope to share our passion for good taste and zest for life with you.

Just one bite,

and you’ll be transported to the food heaven of beautiful, sun-drenched South Italy.

If you’re entertaining at home, Ciao Catering will delight your guests with its noteworthy Italian masterpieces.